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How much does Retropie rely on Systemd?

  • Hello all,

    I was curious, as I was thinking about trying to tinker with replacing systemd, how much does retropie and its super useful scripts rely on systemd? From looking at systemctl, it doesn't look like there is a service for retropie being run by systemd. I was curious, because I was thinking about trying to run retropie on a pi os that doesn't use systemd or ripping out systemd entirely.

    Thank you all for your help.

  • Global Moderator

    RetroPie itself - not so much. There are a few modules that use it - splashscreen, sixaxis - and the auto-login configuration is based on a systemd service. Other than that, can't say much about the programs and emulators installed through RetroPie - they might have some dependencies, direct or not, on something provided by systemd.

  • Thank you for the response! Maybe when I have some time I will try out retropie void or devuan on the pi 4!

  • administrators

    @brandflake11 it won't work without changes. Devuan mostly should work on x86, minus some systemd needing packages. But for the raspberry pi we only support Raspberry Pi OS (Raspbian).

  • Thanks for the response @BuZz. What are some of the things that are missing from devuan on the pi that raspbian has for Retropie to work properly?

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