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  • So I know it's been touched on a little bit across a few different threads and apologies if this has been covered before: but I think we could benefit from a thread highlighting how awesome the Retroachievements function is. And within that maybe some discussion about people's favourite sets, games, hardest achievements they've bested etc.

    And although it's a little outside the scope of Retropie's forum, if anyone has developed sets for the site before.

    So my hit me with your usernames on retroachievements (lovelessrapture is mine!), your standing on the leader boards, your favourite sets. Anything and everything Retroachievements related!!

  • Did I just look at this in the one hour Retro Achievements is down? Wanted to re-install RetroArch and couldn't get them to work. The site won't load for me, either...

  • @jandalf81 Their site won't load for me either.

  • @jandalf81 @IanDaemon I think so! The site was working fine this morning, maybe they've had an outage or are down for maintenance. I've been using the site for ages and it's never gone down before, so I'm sure it'll be back up asap.

    Edit:- seems to be back now

  • I appreciate the RetroAchievements feature! 😊

    A few days ago the Digital Ocean had problems on the exact datacenter where the RetroAchievements VPS is hosted. Maybe that's the problem faced by @jandalf81 and @IanDaemon

    By the way, the RANews have been just released:


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