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  • Hi all,
    So I have a pie4 with a newest revision controlblock and I'm running into issues with the button mapping changing itself.
    Player 1 will work perfectly fine but player 2 will read left as button 5 and button 5 as left. Then on next reboot without changing any wiring player 2 will work perfectly but player 1 will have left and button 5 swapped. I havnt run into issues with any of the other buttons it's just button 5 and left joystick on player 1 and 2 keep swapping randomly.

  • Global Moderator

    We've had this kind of issues when there are 2 identical controllers (same model), but they're wired differently. Since they're identical, they share the same configuration, so configuring one will also configure the other, overwriting the first configuration.

    Can you test with jstest /dev/input/js0 and jstest /dev/input/js1 and see if the gamepad buttons behave similarly ? Button X on P1 should produce the same code as Button X on P2, left on P1 should produce the same code as left on P2, etc.

  • @mitu
    I just got a chance to test this today. I have triple confirmed that all the wires are connected exactly the same. But when I push button 5 on player 2 I get left joystick player 2 and I when I push left it shows up as button 5. Player 1 showed up correctly.

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    @sincion What controller type have you connected?
    Do you have other peripherals connected to the RPi?

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