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PSX emu - best graphics settings?

  • Hi guys

    I hope someone can help. I have RetroPie 3.8.1 running on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and I've just loaded the PSX emu (lr-pcsx-rearmed) for the first time. Everything is working great but the default graphics options are horrible, everything is low res, low quality, grainy and pixelated. What are the best settings for this emu on a HDTV and how do I adjust them?

    I have PSX emulators on other systems and they look exactly how I would expect, so I'm sure there must be a way of improving the experience on the Pi.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • @Fatman2001 There's a section on the Wiki detailing enhancing the graphics for PSX.

  • You enable these options in the retroarch-core-options.cfg file:

    pcsx_rearmed_neon_enhancement_enable = "enabled"
    pcsx_rearmed_neon_enhancement_no_main = "enabled"

    I tried this on the Raspberry Pi 3 and the graphics did look better but it was very laggy, maybe I need to overclock the Pie.

  • Thanks guys, I have checked what you have suggested above and those options are already enabled in the retroarch-core-options.cfg file, sadly this doesn't look to have achieved anything, every game still looks awful.

    From looking around, others have suggested using shaders and overlays that improve the graphics, however nothing is really detailed as to how you setup/configure these. Is anyone able to offer any help or advice on this please?

    Many thanks in advance.

  • For shaders I open the retroarch gui in game and go to quick menu --> shader options--> load shader options, and mess with the settings after I picked my shader. There are a ton of shaders to try, but I use the xbr shader. Polygon games look nice and sharp, where as sprite games like alundra look a little too soft for me ( I like to see every sharp pixel in my 2D games). I don't remember the specific setting I put to the shader, but each shader has only 2-3 options.

  • A few other things to try would be setting video smoothing to true , adding an overlay (I use wiiscanlines.cfg, helps clean things up a bit) and keep the aspect ratio to 4:3 , if the image is blown up to 16:9 it looks awful. One other thing I do is when you start a game press a button to enter the menu as prompted and change render resolution to display output resolution. The overclock settings in the wiki will also help with the laggyness too

  • One of the biggest differences in graphics on retropie for PAC emulation that I found was lowering the windows scaling options. To do so go into retoarch from the selected game (start + x). Scroll down to settings. Then scroll to video. Once in video options you will notice windows scaled option is set to 3.0x. Lower to 1.0x and that will take care of allot of the pixelation. Overclocking will help but not necessary for most games.

  • @dkapp12
    PlayStation not PAC

  • Guys i found a way, not verry best but it looks so much better than normal.
    Quick Menu-> Shaders-> Load Shader Preset-> “crt-pi.glslp”

    try it :)

  • The neon-enhancement works really well, but sadly the xbr-shader (bottom most of shader list) now looks like it's doing nothing. Pixels stay pixels, no smoothing anymore like before.

    Is there a fix or a smiliar shader for this?


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