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Switching from Landscape to Portrait

  • @enlikil change your video rotation to 3 to flip it the other way

  • @enlikil excellent work. Your research found a lot of good answers and it looks like you are using the right settings.

    Question: is everything upside down, including emulation station? If so, you need to rotate your video in boot/config.txt by adding display_rotate=2 assuming you are using a raspberry pi. That will make everything you do upside down from the moment you boot.

    Otherwise, if it's jut this game, change your video_rotation = 3 in your rom cfg file.

    You are very close! Way to go!

  • @caver01 Thanks,. I was able to achieve everything I was looking for. I can now start going through each game and writing the config files for them. I am ready now to start building the table and wiring up all the buttons, then a whole new level of fun comes..
    Thanks for all the input and guidance. it completely helped me.

  • @caver01 I ended ep doing just that, to the config. Its crazy that LED monitors vary so much in the view angle.. I can see perfect from 3 sides but now the Way it was originally intended to use... (all good now)

  • @enlikil I did the same thing. Older LCDs that are not widescreen may be better suited for retro gaming because of the more common 4:3 aspect ratio (mine is actually 5:4) but the best technology of the day had limited viewing angles. Since the screens were designed to be placed on a desk, they were built to be viewed straight-on or from slightly above. I too had to mount my display upside-down in the cabinet. I have done this with the last two cocktail cabinets I have built.

    The only time this presents any issues is when you are setting up a new SD card. Once you set the option in boot/config.txt you really never worry about it again.

  • yeah. it worked grteat.... I been building my table for the pastweek. I"M stumped tbhat only one of my controllers is showing up, So 3 of my 4 joysticks .... I'm searching now for information on how to msetup 4 controllers player 1,2,3,4 for each game.... What do you use so you don't need a keyboard?

  • @enlikil mine uses an older Ultimarc iPAC4 which is technically a keyboard controller.

  • @caver01 hi where do you add the text to rotate the display?

  • @pkg04011979 said in Switching from Landscape to Portrait:

    @caver01 hi where do you add the text to rotate the display?

    Scroll up to HERE to my post from 12 months back. . .

  • This post is deleted!

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