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Just scraping a few games with Steven Selph's Scraper??

  • I am wondering if I can just scrape a few games with Steven Selph's Scraper? I already went thru and did SNES & NES with the ES Scraper, but it doesn't seem to find games with only 3 letters or dashes in the name somewhere (Pac-Man, WWF, NHL, F-Zero), but I know Selph's does find them. I noticed an append option in the list, but the wiki doesn't state if it adds all the games again, or just the ones that have not been scraped? It's either that or if someone knows how to search for games as mentioned above, or I manually add them all myself.

  • Hi, "-append" will just scrape the games missing from your gamelist not all of them again.

  • @chavatar Thanks man! Worked out great for the games I couldn't find. And also I could swap to the openGDB if the GDB didn't find the games I was looking for. thanks!

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