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Running ROM files from MicroSD and USB Stick

  • I'm currently running my RetroPie build from a 32gb MicroSD and would love to run some of the larger romsets (PSX and similar) from a 64gb usb stick all the while keeping the existing ROMs and installation intact on the microSD, is this possible?

    Thanks in advance guys :-)

  • I had the same issue when I started to grow my PSX and Dreamcast sets. I'm not sure if it's an either/or situation, or if you can run roms off of both. To save myself some headache, I simply got a 256 thumb drive and altered the script to read the roms from it and run retropie from the microSD. I've had it that way since 3.7 and haven't looked back since.

  • I would like to have the info on how to do this. I've been trying to run my roms from my 4TB HDD but keep running into issues. I THINK the biggest one is that the HDD doesn't have time to start up before things load, so I keep getting the can't find systems error.

  • @ghrayfahx
    Use Symbolic Links

    read ahead here a user asked exact the same question 12 days before :(

  • @cyperghost thank you. That solved it. I set a permanent automount point for my HDD, then deleted my existing roms folder as I had no plans to store any on the pi SD card. Symlinked to the folder and I was good to go!

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