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  • Hi guys,

    I'm a noob to all this so forgive me for asking any daft/stupid questions.

    I am trying to play 4 player games on the Genesis/Mega drive but can't get controllers 3/4 to work. My set up works fine on MAME but looks like it needs to be configured for the Mega Drive.

    I have searched the forum and read that adding the below to the individual config file for the ROMs should fix this.

    input_libretro_device_p2 = "1025"

    However, this has not worked and the j_cart games i'm trying to play still do not recognise the 3rd and 4th controllers.

    Pi Model: B
    Retropie Version: 3.8.1
    Built from: Premade SD image from RetroPie website
    USB devices connected: keyboard and piHut powered usb hub- 4 iBuffalo USB SNES style controllers plugged into it
    Controller used: iBuffalo Snes x 4 all plugged into the USB hub
    emulator: lr-picodrive

    love what you guys have done for free - i just donated :) Any help would be really appreciated! want to have some mates round to play some classic 4 player mega drive games but can't get it working.
    Let me know if any other info needed.


  • @rhj501 if you go into a 4 player game using lr-genesis-plus-gx, then go into rgui (select and x by default) then choose "quick menu" then "controls"and under " user 1 player device type" and "user 2 device type" change the controller to "3 button + team player". Then choose "save game remap file". Then exit out of the rgui and you should have 4 players working

  • Thanks @edmaul69. I have got that working on some games but others behave like there is no controller connected.

    I have also noted that lr-genesis-plus-gx makes my Pi1 struggle a bit. is there no fix for this within lr-picodrive?

    Thanks for the support

  • @rhj501 i couldnt find an option in picodrive for team play or multi tap.

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