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SNES Super Bomberman 4 players (multitap)

  • Hi, I´m looking for launch snes Super Bomberman series (1,2....5) for 4 players, so, I know that the console Snes only got 2 joystick ports, and you need to activate "multitap" option.

    I saw in some forums that you need to add a .cfg file (.txt saved as .cfg) with this line inside: input_libretro_device_p2=“257” and put in the same folder of the ROM with its entire name (example: Super Bomberman 5 (J).smr.cfg).

    Well, I did all that but It didn´t work, I look at the core menu (select + triangle) but didn´t see nothing about this.

    emmm, what I´m forgot?, anyone could make this work?.

    Thanks in advance and, yes, super bomberman series could be played for 4 players (I thought).

  • For start, try to put the configuration in the global snes configuration file and see if it works. I was able to play super bomberman 3 with 3 players.

  • @flop You can do it in /opt/retropie/configs/snes/retroarch.cfg file. Pay atention at the quotes sign. You should use "257", and NOT USE “257”.

    I prefer to change it on-the-fly when running a SNES game with Multitap support:

    1. Select+X to access RGUI.
    2. Quick Menu -> Controls
    3. Change "User 2 Device Type" to Multitap.
    4. Select "Save Game Remap File"

    I hope it helps.

  • I love you guys :D (solved!)

  • @flop mark the topic as solved and choose the post that solved your problem as the correct answer ;-)

  • @meleu @davidt99 personally i use the rgui like meleu but i dont save it. It will let you play it after you select it. Then when i exit it is back to normal. I dont like the multitaps being set permanently.

  • @edmaul69 look carefully. After the setup I use "Save GAME Remap File". ;-)

  • No problem Meleu, I used "save game remap" (not the "save core remap") ;D.

  • Deleted

  • look at me, super late to this thread...

    i've gotten multitap working for bomberman 3 as described above. i imagine that it will be the same for every snes game i encounter that supports it. i'd like to get it permanently enabled though, as i don't particularly want to spend the time to enable it every time i fire up the game. what i am now trying to do is just enable it by default for all the games that support it.

    is this possible? is this a bad idea? i see that @edmaul69 doesn't like multitaps being set permanently. is there a reason for this, or just preference?

  • @brad2600 no i think they should be. But its a bit of a process to do it. I wont be back home until monday to get on my computer, but i will try to remember to post on how to do it. You have to make a config for each game so it takes a little work to do.

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