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Please help stuck on 13 games available screenhttps

  • I have recently loaded via IMac to SDcard retropie 4.02. (Using Pi 3) using keyboard and usb games controller
    I can access settings and configuration menus but on the front screen i can't shift left or right to see any emulators and only see the retro pie logo and name with 13 games available underneath.
    Initially I thought this was because I hadn't loaded any Roms or Bios which I have now done via a USB (moved files into Bios and ROM) and plugged back in for 30minutes but still no change.
    Please can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong or advise a simple file to load up so i can move left or right on this screen and work from there. Thanks

  • to me it sound like that your roms are not being read by retropie.

    you will not be able to change to any other menu then the retropie due to it thinking that there is nothing there.

    what systems did you put roms on there?

  • I put a rom in psx and loaded an emulator for this as well. Is there a known working rom i could try ? and I guess i will need a bios aswell.

  • yes for the PSX you do need a bios for it, SCPH1001.BIN is the one you need

    and for the rom you need to see if there is a Cue file. i know this from experience not all of them do have this file.

    look here for more info

    i started with simple ROMs like ones for NES or SEGA as they dont need anything special. just drop them in and away you go

  • Thanks, That is the file i used for the emulator but the rom ended in 7z. What should the NES rom files end in.

  • the 7z it a zip format, so you will need to unzip it.

    and for nes they can be nes .smc .sfc

    have a look here at the different systems

    it does very well on telling you what to look for

  • @klv74 also make sure you install the emualors for each game system you add ROMs for. RetroPie 4.0x doesn't came with many emulators already installed anymore so the over all file size would be smaller.

    Also NES games can be zipped up and will work with most of the emulators but they won't read inside of 7zip'd files. Now the PSX games need to be unzipped and be the BINs and CUEs or I think ISOs will work as well.

    PSX games that work well for me are:

    • Driver
    • Gran Turismo 2 (Arcade Mode)
    • Medievil
    • Metal Gear Solid
    • Strider 1 & 2
    • Tekken 3

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