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[Torrent] Download RetroPie

  • RetroPie v4.4 Torrent

    Slow connection? Looking for a torrent of RetroPie? Well, don't worry anymore. I've decided to start a little torrent project since there was no torrent download. Download the torrent file, site back and wait. If you want to support this torrent please keep seeding after your download has completed. The more seeders the better!

    Torrent includes the following:

    • Image for RetroPie v4.4 for RPi 0 & 1
    • Image for RetroPie v4.4 for RPi 2 & 3
    • Image for RetroPie v4.4 for RPi 0 & 1 BerryBoot
    • Image for RetroPie v4.4 for RPi 2 & 3 BerryBoot
    • Installer of Win32DiskManager

    Torrent magnet link for RetroPie v4.4:


    Download instructions:

    1. In this example I'm using uTorrent, you might use a different torrent client but the instructions are all similar.
    2. Copy the magnet link, make sure you copy the magnet ENTIRE link (from magnet till announce).
    3. Open uTorrent, go to File -> Click on Add torrent from URL.
    4. Paste the magnet link and click on OK.
    5. Select the directory in which you want to save the files, select the files you want to download and click on OK. Now the torrent starts downloading.
    6. Keep seeding after the download has finished and ENJOY!

  • @PetroRie You're the man! Thumbs up! Excellent initiative, and suited for all RPi tastes from Zero to 3. I'll keep a close eye to this thread and... seed.

    Thank you @PetroRie !

  • I just created the torrent for RetroPie v4.1. Enjoy it guys!

  • @PetroRie Brillant! And many thanks!! Downloading and sharing! Previous torrent got a ratio 2.40 I glad about :)

  • This is great - the download page link was failing again and again for me.

  • Awesome, dude! I'm going to download this right now and begin seeding from my other Pi. Hopefully soon I can get permission from my VPS provider to seed legal torrents there as well.

  • Btw +1 That the site needs to post up torrent links on the main download page!

  • Sounds good! I don't need it but I pulled it down so I could seed it. I'll keep it up as much as I can.

  • You are a life saver! But I can't download the file, it says on tiny upload that the file does not exist. Could you re upload it please? I've been trying to download this for like 5 days straight and I can't using the official links.

    I see people complaining about this for more than a year and nothing has been done so far... So amazing job man! You are helping a lot of people. Just right now the file is not avaiable...

  • @luiscesjr It looks like I am seeding now. Had to shutdown last night. Sorry

  • @luiscesjr said in [Torrent] Download RetroPie:

    ays on tiny upload that the file does not exist

    I just checked the TinyUpload links and both links do work. I wish I could host the torrent files on the retropie server. So far 15 seeders and I have uploaded 40gb. I'm really glad I could help you out.

  • Hi! Sorry I'm super new to this, is this the same download I would get from using this page? I was having horrendous download speeds off the main site. This was the one I meant.

  • @NecroCorey
    Yes, this should be the same as from the download page. Make sure you get the 2nd link for RetroPie v4.1.

  • @backstander Thanks a lot bud. The torrent is downloading kind of slowly as well, but I suppose anything is better than what I was getting before. Thanks to OP for setting it up as well.

  • administrators

    @NecroCorey bad internet connection ? The main image is on AWS (Content Delivery Network). It can max out my 150mbit connection.

  • @BuZz I have horrible internet and considered it, but when I tried it on a separate download it ran fine giving me the 2 mbs I'm supposed to get. I'm assuming the 4.1 torrent is just too new with 2 peers.
    I actually tried to download the retropie image a few days ago while my pi was still shipping and it was slow then too so I figured I'd just wait.

    Is there some way for me to send yall info to see if it might be a problem others could have, or nah?

  • administrators

    @NecroCorey Nothing I can do I'm afraid - but you should probably contact your ISP first about it/and possibly github.

  • @BuZz Thanks man. Honestly I'm not super concerned, I just figured if it could help I'd shoot whatever info was needed.

  • lol I just spent two days seeding the wrong version because I missed this bottom post. Doh.

    Man we really need an official torrent on the main DL page

  • @mikeperalta said in [Torrent] Download RetroPie:

    ol I just spent two days seeding the wrong version because I missed this bottom post. Doh.
    Man we really need an official torrent on the main DL page

    My first plan was to download all the versions on the download page and seed them in one torrent file and when they release a new version I just create a new torrent and update the link on this page. But I figured out that it's a couple GB's and I don't think someone else will download the entire torrent just to help me seed it.

    Only thing you can do is keep an eye on this post if the new version is out and download the new torrent.

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