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[Feature Request]Show USB-Rom transfer status

  • Hi there,
    I'm using the Respberry Pi 3 and RetroPie V. 4.0.4.
    After I placed a lot of Roms (around 5GB) onto a USB-Drive, I wanted to see how much is already done.
    But I couldn't find a solution for the problem.
    Please someone, create a Menu-Bullet-Point or so to have a look at the actual Status of the transfering.
    And a way to pause and resume it, I'm talking about a small menu just like the Setup-Script one.

    Thanks in advance

  • administrators

    I would recommend using the network to copy large amounts of data. Or use a tool like mc to copy roms manually (don't make the retropie folder, so the usbromservice to copy them triggers).

    Network is easiest though.

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