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Have You Donated? Let's Support RetroPie

  • I was looking at how much I've spent on my Super Famicom project (Over $350 plus tools, but hey, you can never have too many tools) and now I'm ordering more stuff for my Gameboy Advance build and I realized that none of this would be possible without the RetroPie software that I'm running. Today I went over to the donate page to support the project. It was long overdue.

    I realize that not everyone can chip in financially right now, but if you can, think about making a donation.

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    Thanks! :)

  • You are absolutely right. Thanks for reminding us of that. I had considered it at the time when I was only doing research, and several weeks later when I finally bought the Pi and got everything set up (well, as set up as one can given the constant "oh, just one more thing I can tweak here and there" from my end :) ) I completely forgot that.


    Keep up the great work!

  • You know, I have thought about doing this loads but kept forgetting, so I've just donated now. This project has inspired me so much, and I'm glad to help contribute back via a donation or by answering some questions in the forums. I'm on with my 3rd build now which I'll post up here once it's completed!

    Keep up the boss work fellas!

  • I'd still prefer a Patreon where people can donate $1+ a month - and this would be the easiest way IMO to get enough funding to work full time on the project ;)

  • Well, I invite you to some beers this saturday retropie team ;D, good job guys!

  • It 's unbelivable that one (1 , o-n-e, uno, ενας) person coordinates this vast thing called RetroPie.

    Next time we decide to buy new buttons, sticks, leds and I don't know what else (we, retro-game lovers, are a crazy bunch of people spending spontaneously in all sorts of retro crazy styff - usually regreting it later hahahaha)...lets take a break, calm down and donate to this lovely project instead.

    We can live with the Zippyy stick for now and buy a Seimitsu one next month :)

  • @BuZz You said in the 4.1 announcement post:
    "If 1 in 5 people who downloaded RetroPie donated £1 it would be enough to have someone working on the project full time!"

    Well, why don't you create a monthly basis donation method? Just like the libretro guys do here:

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    It's been mentioned by others but I've not decided if I want to do it like that yet and I haven't had time to look into it. I have a patreon account, but that's as far as I have got.

  • I'm very new here, but already enjoyed both the RetroPie package and a lot of help here on the forum, so of course i donated today, to show my appreciation :)

    f it ever comes to a patreon with monthly payments, i would not hestitate to chip in.

    Thanks for lovely sw + loads of fun, and a great way to re-play some of my childhood favorite titles!

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    @Xyb0t Thanks! :-)

  • Done. I hope that counter is inaccurate, I was Donation ID "2765", which seems astoundingly low given the popularity of this software.

    I'd support a patreon too - I'm building a bar top and these forums and the community here (and on Reddit, etc) have been very helpful as I slowly get things configured in a way that suits me. If I can pay a monthly Internet and cell bill, I can chip in for a coffee each month to something bringing me as much enjoyment.

    Kudos to the team, keep up the good work.

  • Patreon would be a good alternative to have. Heck Retroarch is already on patreon so why not RetroPie.

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    @Devster thanks for the support! :)

    That counter isn't wrong. If we had a dollar for every download... We could easily retire.

    Never been about the money though- we just love retrogaming :)

  • Haha, yes.. i was nr 2760, it seems.

    Anyways, thx again, you guys!

  • I would be onboard for a monthly donation as well. it is amazing how easily it is to give Google $2.99 a month without thinking about it, but the idea of spending $10 is harsh.

    you guys do a great job, and I love everything about RetroPie

  • I just registered an account to post here about this topic. I've known about raspberry pi when I was studying using the first gen pi during school courses. I only recently looked back into the raspberry pi when I discovered that there was a great community behind retro gaming and getting games to run on the pi (all thanks to not being able to purchase a NES classic).

    I was pleasantly surprised to see how far emulation has come on the pi! Great stuff guys, and thank you! Just donating now, and I also would be in for monthly donation. You guys deserve it.

  • @Jahnadrian this great community was here long before the nes classic. And hopefully will be here long after

  • @edmaul69 Yes I'm sure it will, I'm just glad I came across this community and just wanted to show my support.

  • @Rion Fully Agree. Retropie should be on Patreon.


Contributions to the project are always appreciated, so if you would like to support us with a donation you can do so here.

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