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[BATCH] Scrape your roms on your PC using sselph's scraper

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm not a RetroPie user myself, but this might be useful for you, so I wanted to share it.
    Although scraping directly from the RPi works perfectly fine, it takes time! So I created a batch file to use sselph's scraper from a PC to speed up the process. I created it for Recalbox, but I suppose it works with RetroPie OOTB as well.
    Just like any other batch, you can just edit it with any text editor and change the parameters as you need. I tried to make as clear and organized as possible, but feel free to ask if you need some explanation.

    You can find the batch and info about how to use it on following link:

    Right now, by default, TGDB and OVGDB are disabled, as I think ScreenScraper has much better data and media quality than any other source.

    Maybe you'd want to change the image path from downloaded_images to just images, as I believe that is the standard for RetroPie.

    Have a great day!

  • Thanks a lot for your work! Do you know if it works with .m3u files for PSX Multidisc games?

  • I know that SS doesn't have m3u rom data (yet, anyone can contribute), so with that source it won't work. Try enabling tgdb and ovgdb but I doubt it.

  • @paradadf Thanks, maybe I'll have better luck converting bin/cue to .pbp

  • That for sure!

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