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Retropie freezes after the ES splash.

  • Hi, I am using a Pi 3 with 4.0.2 retropie. I have no peripherals attached and am only using the image govern on the Rp website. I loaded some DOS games on and they worked fine, but when I hit start+select to quit, the Pi black screened, so I pulled the plug to reset. (I know it's bad, but there was no other way) Now when I boot the Pi, I am greeted with a frozen white bar on the screen. It might be the WSOD since I am using zoid, but if it is I can't fix it. I can't access the Pi directly and it won't let me ssh into it either. I also installed some GB roms but I don't think they were the problem. I installed the roms without a guide, a friend with a Rpi arcade showed me how and it worked before. Thank you for helping.

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