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Vice keymap problems

  • Hi,

    I have a freshly installed Retropie setup. Everything working great, just one major issue.

    I have a arcade buttons and joysticks connected to RPi2 via iPac2 keyboard emulator and all works pretty good. The problem is, how do I configure Run/stop, F12 etc keys for Vice? I'm unable to get past intro demos in C64 games because I have not found a way to configure this. External USB keyboard works, but that is not an option since my kids mainly use this cabinet...

  • If I remember correctly,you can change the F12 in the vice menu and the Run Stop is the ESC key.If that helps.I don't use the emulator cos I have a real C64..;)

  • Hi,

    I know F12 and Esc keys but the problem is that I don't have a keyboard attached to my cabinet.

    How do I configure custom keyboard mappings for vice?

  • What we need is a virtual keyboard for Vice,it looks like it is there,well looking on this page..
    You could use a small Bluetooth keyboard with your cabinet..??

    This page might help you too.

    alt text

    I use to use Vice with my Keyrah,but then got my C64 back and put my RPI in my Mega CD.

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    @jepperi said in Vice keymap problems:

    the problem is that I don't have a keyboard attached to my cabinet.

    Take it from someone who's had a MAME machine for years; find a discreet way to include a keyboard into your cabinet. It will save you an endless amount of headaches. I have mine setup to where the hinged joystick platform can easily be lowered to where a full keyboard and mouse are accessible on a roller track. after it's put away, no one would ever know it's there.

    @spannernick1 probably has the best idea though, is simply adding a small Bluetooth keyboard into the mix. At that point, it's just a simple task of highlighting the menu entry you want, pressing the 'M' key and then the corresponding arcade button you wish to map the entry to. Run/stop may be a bit more difficult, as it is not a menu item and already mapped to the common 'Escape' key as is.

  • Good hints from all of you, the problem is though that my son does not know how to use a keyboard. (And the fact that it's just not "cool" to mess with a keyboard when u have a nice cabinet ;)

    I came across ipac2 configurator and found out there are shift modifiers available, now I think i have a solution to my problem as I can configure for example 1plr+2plr to act as Run/stop.

    Retroarch does not seem to support Vice, which is a bit confusing...

  • There is a new version of Vice in RetroPIe 4.1,I am not updating mine yet.This is just to let you know..;)

  • @spannernick1 not sure when it came out but i updated vice yesterday and it made a mess of everything config wise so i reverted back to my old version.

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