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[SOFT] Universal XML Scraper V2 - Easy Scrape with High Quality picture

  • @quackwalks There is a script here in the forums somewhere that will go through your videos and automatically reencode the ones that need it. I don't remember where I found it or what it's called, but I know it's there. You can probably find it if you look for it. It's really easy to use, and a lifesaver. I had the same problem till I learned that.

  • So I downloaded video and 3d box with xml scraper for psx and all went well but the gamelist.xml shows the wrong paths to my video art.

    I use on my retropie setup (with external hdd) two seperate folders for images and video:
    Image : folder "boxart
    Video: folder "snap"
    Both these folders are in the system rom folder: /roms/psx
    This is the conventional method almost every retropie user uses.
    But when looking at the paths to the video and art in the gamelist I see they both point to same location which is /retropie/roms/psx/boxart. This means I have to put all the art in the same "boxart" folder, which I do not want.

    So I did try to fix it myself and change the path in configuration to "boxart" location which is the right path for the 3d boxes. But I want the gamelist to also create a seperate path to the video in the gamelist.xml, so it points to my art folder "snap"

    How do I do this?

    Long question in short: how do I change the paths in the gamelist.xml so each type of art is linked to a seperate folder?

  • @elahrairah there is no way to set differnt paths in the scraper as far as i know. you have to manually edit the video paths in the gamelist.xml. Doing a search/replace should be the easiest method. I suggest to search for <video>OLDPATH/instead of just OLDPATH/ this will prevent that the path to your images will also be changed.

  • @ectoone don't know if I will go through those lengths but I appreciate your answer, at least now I know it's not possible, so I think I'll just put all art in 1 folder.. No big deal.

  • @elahrairah with something like notepad++ it is very simple to achieve though. It lets you search/replace in multiple files and what not. I did the same thing for all four media files (boxart, marquee, thumbnail and video) and have them in separate folders now.

  • @screech Is there a way to add a game for PC for example on the website? I see Windows 3.1 and stuff.

    Also, I haven't been able to login from Google Chrome for about a year. I have had to use Microsoft Edge. :\

  • Excellent program! Extremely usefull and simple.

    I have been searching for an answer for a question that maybe can be answered here. I have a lot of MS -DOS games that I would like to scrape. I have tried scraping entire folders, renaming files, even creating a blank file with the name & extension shown on ScreenScraper.fe.

    Quite a bit of ms-dos games have screenshot/box/disk art. I was able to get scummVM to scrape by naming the scripts to match exactly, but I can't figure out why it will not work with MS-DOS. I asked over at ScreenScraper.fe forums but they seem to be pretty empty and haven't gotten a response. Is it possible to create custom images from multiple images by having all the images in folders on a pc? It would still be a lot better than what I have been doing, which is editing, resizing and combining each artwork manually. Thank you.

  • I just rescraped my entire arcade catalog, but cannot get UXML V2 to scrape a few selected games: why this issue with even some pretty known titles (and some not)?:

    • Qbert
    • krull
    • ZigZag
    • Vendetta
    • Rainbow Islands

    ..along with a few others. In the final scraping status screen it says 100% found, but it returns 1KB empty images/videos.

  • Just saw that in MAME on neither Vendetta or Q*Bert shows up via browser. These were definitely there last time I scraped - how come these games suddenly goes missing?

  • There is some work to do on Arcade Game (it's not finished yet ;) there is so much...)

    But I just create a New "system" : Gottlieb we haven't.
    So now their is 20 new games referenced and sorted nicely (like Q*Bert and Krull ;)
    I check the other game and some roms were orphean so I attach them to the good game ;)

    normally it's ok now...

    (I still have to clean the DB and add stuff, but there is at least some info on media on each game in your list ;) )

    Let me know if it's ok ;)

  • It looks like it worked, thanks @screech ! But I have another question:
    I rescraped my arcades folder, in the hope that it would just supplement the missing titles, but it scraped EVERY wheelart.png again, but with wheelart.jpg even though I had them already. In my pictures configuration I have chosen png, so why does it do this now?

    Edit: Even with "default" it still scrapes jpg wheelart - these doesn't look as crisp as png's, how do I force png if the png option doesnt make any difference?


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