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SOLVED - No HDMI Signal (Was a bad SD card)

  • I have a Rpi3 Model B and I downloaded retro pi about 2 weeks ago and everything was working fine with my PC monitor using a HDMI to DVI cable. Now 2 weeks later when I went to set it up some more - i hook it up turn it on and get "No Signal" on my monitor? I tried another 2 cables and a different monitor and HDMI to HDMI cable on a TV - all get no signal. Power supply is 3 Amp and was working fine 2 weeks ago? Pi Powers on fine with a red light on the PCB.

    I've done some online searching and investigating and have some questions...

    1. I read that the SD card has to have a valid Rpi image on it for the HDMI to work is this correct for RetroPi? - when I put the SD card into my windows PC to check it, it reads as if it is blank? Is this correct or just windows not reading a linux SD card? Should I see any files?

    2. If I start the RetroPi first install process again will this be ok? i.e. wipe the SD card and reload the image.

    Only reason for the above is that I might have mixed up SD cards but im sure once it was working I just left the SD card in it and didnt swap it out. Im pretty sure its the same SD card. Or maybe the SD card has corrupted ?

    What should I do?

    Thanks in advance

  • @gnome73 in windows you will see a very small 52mb partition. If you dont you most likely have a bad card/fake card or file corruption. I would say the card is bad/fake. You can try readding the pi image. If it works and ends up dying again you need a new card. Not sure where you got it but most cards on ebay and amazon are bootleg fakes that arent as big as they say they are. Example: if you buy a fake 16gb card after about 4 gigs of data is put on it the card will corrupt and be unuseable until formatted again to do the same thing again.

  • @edmaul69 Yes you were correct it was a bad SD card. After reading what you said I examined the card. Between now and 2 weeks ago I've managed to crack the card, its definitely cracked but very hard to see so I didn't notice.

    I will find/buy a new card and re-image.

    How do I put the solved tag on this thread.

  • @gnome73 i wish i knew how to mark as solved. I havent been able to figure that out.

  • After imaging a new SD card the HDMI picture came back on my monitor and all is good in the world.

    In case anyone has this problem and looks at this post in the future...

    If you have no signal on your monitor theres no green flashing light (data read activity) next to the red light (power) on your RPi circuit board your SD card is bad - re-image another one and you will get your signal back on your monitor.

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