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Custom resolution at custom screen position possible with retropi?

  • Hello,

    i have a raspi3 running retropi 4.1 connected to a broken samsung 16:9 tv that can't display anything on the left 10 cm. To make it usable i turned the tv 90 degrees CW and rotated the output from the raspi in the config.txt.
    For now i use hdmi_group=2, hdmi_mode=41, display_rotate=3 with a resolution of 1400x1050. The picture is centered and completly visible on the tv but the quality is not that great, so i want to use a native resolution of 1080x1440, as i only need 3:4, but it needs to start below the defective part of the tv (or in the right corner and rotated 90°).
    I remember some tools on Windows or modlines for X-Server, but how can i do this with retropi?

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