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Dragon Rise / Zero Delay USB controller cards conflicting on joy pad directions - please help - My Children are killing me.

  • Hi,

    I've searched and consulted the wiki but cant find an answer to my problem. Im running Retro Pi 4.1 on Rpi 3 1gb - no changes since fresh install except for scraping.

    I have 2 x Dragon Rise / Zero Delay USB controller cards

    This issue is they are conflicting in retroarch i.e. I can set up the first controller fine but when I set up the second controller the joystick directions conflict / interfere with the first controller - i suspect cause they are sending the same signal for 0- 0+ 3+ 3- (see attaced pic to hopefully make sense of my problem)

    So after mapping the 2nd controller (game pad 2) the first controller (game pad 1) LEFT (3+) becomes UP because it was mapped to the 3+ command on the 2nd controller after the 1st controller .

    How do I seperate the conrtoller cards and stop them from interrupting with each other with conflicting 0-, 0+, 3-, 3+ values.

    One Idea I had was to use 4 of the remaining button sockets on the controller board and connect the joystick to these but this would require me to pull my machine apart and I dont want to have to do this plus Im not sure it would work the same as the controller card has specific ports for the joystick over the buttons.

    please help

    Great forum and community here by the way.

    alt text

  • any chance someone can help me resolve this today?

    I have 3 kids amping to use the new arcade i made but I dont want to spoil their first experience with only 1 player available.

    think of the children.... lol

    Please help.

    alt text

  • administrators

    @gnome73 swanky looking arcade. I had two dragonrise n64 controllers which had a similar issue, it's also why we removed all the preset autoconfig retroarch includes as there were too many conflicts.

    The only thing I can think of is maybe perhaps setting one to sdl instead of udev (I really can't guarantee that being a solution but it is worth trying anyways) so after you've configured your controllers it should dump the config to /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch-joypads/your controller.cfg or something like that. Don't have access to my pi right now. I also I think you may be able to edit the config in the configuration editor.

  • @herb_fargus I'm pretty noob, how do I make the SDL change and or get to the command prompt to edit the cfg file. Also what do I put in the cfg file?

  • Instead of doing anything technical I re-wired the joystick without remapping retroarch. So so long as I dont ever try and remap in retro arch again I think I'll be ok. I dont know whether this was an issue with Retro Pie or the controller cards? I cant understand why mapping the 2nd controller would interfere with the 1st controller? Hurts my brain so am just glad its all going and the kids are happy.

  • Make sure you have correct usb order:

    alt text

    and do the HEX edit the driver, it's a common issue with zero delay controller, the up and down detect as "3" isn't right:
    HEX Edit the driver

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