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Is the Emulation Station Scraper the same as Steven Selph's Scraper?

  • I've read through this.. and I've done a scrape with the Emulation Station Scraper but it didnt find some games like Pac-Man and Metal Slug (both MAME) which is weird cause these are pretty popular ROMs and I though it interrogated the file and ignored the zip filename?

    Anyway my question is ...Is the Emulation Station Scraper the same as Steven Selph's Scraper i.e. any point now trying Steven Selph's Scraper to see if it picks up the missing ROMs / meta data?

    Emulation Station Scraper was sooo slow... but watching youtube videos on Steven Selph's Scraper it looked way faster?

    Retro pie 4.1
    Rasp Pi 3

  • @gnome73

    Different :)

  • Great thanks, Will definitely try the Steven Selph's Scraper and hopefully it will fill in the missing meta data from the ES scraper.

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