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How to change button icons? [DONE]

  • @masteryoer You can! It'll work just fine :) That 32/64 bit update just allows the archive to be stored in something bigger than an 8 bit const char array.

  • @jacobfk20

    I am an idiot, completely. It's late and i've been looking at code all day. So the problem, it appears, is that if you dont remove everything from your 'converted' folder before you run it, it tries to convert that stuff too, and it makes duplicates with the 16/32 bit stuff in it.

    I deleted the entire folder and re-ran res2h, and it created the correct files, using the correct const unsigned char* like it's supposed to..

    now to test if it works.

  • Okay, something is seriously wrong. That res2h application is not working, regardless of what you do. As soon as you change a resource and run the application to convert it, it breaks the entire source and it fails to compile. I've given up trying to figure out what's wrong with it.

  • @masteryoer Well, good on ya for trying. Send me the file you want converted and I'll see if I can get it for ya.

  • @jacobfk20

    There would be more than one of them, I am just trying to test out how it would look. I am not sure how I want the UI to look yet, so it would be nice to compile it myself as I go along and make changes. It looks like there's the option to NOT compile into the source, but I am not sure how to enable that.

    There are checks in the ResourcesUtil.cpp to see if the 'resources' were compiled in, and if not load them from the path.

  • @masteryoer if that's could be enabled somehow, I think it would make it a lot easier for me, as well as theme builders and modders, to include ES menu elements

  • Sure would be nice for the kids (and us old forgetful guys) to see a pic of the buttons we have to push :) Good idea, at least for those of us with PS controllers.

  • @masteryoer Use the Beta release 0.3.2. It outputs the headers and source identical to the original ES resources. This is the exact command I used as well.
    res2h resources converted -h Resources.h -u ResourceUtil.cpp -s
    *This was done in windows.

    It matched ES's original resource.h and resourceUtil.cpp exactly, though some files were in different orders.

  • @jacobfk20

    Okay, I will give that a try. Doesn't it compile for you?

  • I Haven't gotten that far yet :)

  • @masteryoer It compiled fine.
    I replaced the resources.h and resourceUtil.cpp with the newly generated ones and replaced all converted images.

  • @jacobfk20

    I got it!! Thanks for the help! (using your command, but there's t ypo it should be ResourceUtil.cpp not ResourcesUtil.cpp), and disabling Thumbs.db in windows, I was able to get a working build with my new UI changes in it

    Now I can continue to theme my xcade system :)

  • @masteryoer Glad you were able to get it :)

    So you used beta 0.3.2 right?

  • Yes'sir. Now to dig deep into the bowls of the source code to find out where the font and select list highlight colors are changed at, as well as the background on the menu items. That's the next kicker!

    Thanks for the help!

  • Alright. I actually did a fork a while back that allows for more themeing of ES such as changing fonts, font color, window color, window background image and certain component properties. It allows for list color changing I think. /core/components/ComponentList.cpp Is a good start if you want to do your own thing. (I know my way around the source ;) )
    Here is a link to my fork that does the extra theme stuff (it's out dated)

  • @jacobfk20

    Yep that's exactly where I was looking. Looks like around line:

    	Renderer::drawRect(0.0f, mSelectorBarOffset, mSize.x(), selectedRowHeight, wTheme->highlight_color,
    		GL_ONE, GL_ONE);

    If I can find where wTheme->highlight_color is declared

  • wTheme is from my fork and not apart of the retropie fork. It assigns theme properties from an XML file.

    Renderer::drawRect(0.0f, mSelectorBarOffset, mSize.x(), selectedRowHeight, 0x777777FF, GL_ONE, GL_ONE);

    This is what you'll see in the main branch. You can just change 0x7777777 to whatever color you want.

  • @jacobfk20

    Yes'sir, I found it. I am working on it now :) Thanks for helping get this going for me. I hope to post screenshots up both the console and the UI/theme once I am finished with it.

    I am starting to get used to where everything is in the code, so hopefully I can figure the rest of the stuff out :)

  • Has any attempt or progress been made on including an option to change the button layout per user selection from within EmulationStation? I followed the thread a bit, and it looks like the OP was able to get it fixed by recompiling the binary with the changes. This would cause any future updates to revert back to the defaults. I really think it would help a lot of people out if we came up with a solution that allows users to pick their controller from within ES, and have the icons change accordingly. Probably on some form of "wish list" in the RetroPie Git, but I have no idea where to find that. :)

  • I'll bump this thread, since it makes far more sense than creating a new one and cluttering the boards:

    Has any progress on configurable prompts been made? There seems to be a GitHub issue regarding this, apparently with a solution:
    However as me and several other posters in that issue mentioned, the (vaguely) documented way does not seem to work.

    It seems like a weird design choice to hardcode images, really.

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