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HDMI no sound / all info on 1 card retropie

  • Hello all

    I am running latest version of retro pie: 4.1
    I am using a gamestop samurai red ninja control
    device is a : raspberry pi model 3 ( bluetooth/wifi model)
    usb devices connected are: wireless keyboard and 1 usb flash drive

    My issue is i don't get any sound at all (through HDMI) through any system , its not that the sound just stopped working it never worked to begin with on all my 3 tvs. I already messed with retropie's audio settings and nothing made a difference so far

    I installed the packaged already assembled here, i just simple used rufus and then loaded it into my pi 3.

    I have problems trying to setup up 2 player controls too, its configured through the settings but only some games read the 2nd control and it only reads a couple of buttons. i was trying to use my official ps3 control but it won't sync to my raspberry pi 3 i have only been able to sync my 8bitdo controls or the gamestop samurai ninja one.

    Also i wish to install everything in my sd card, but somehow the emulators and games load on the usb stick . Is there a way to put everything on the sd card ( my flash drives are slower and my sd card is faster and larger).

    thank you

  • @pawpie to get sound you need to open up the file /boot/config.txt and find the line:


    And remove the hashtag:


    Then save the file and reboot.

  • thank you this worked

    How are the black borders removed from the sides
    I already tried removing the # before the disable_overscan=1 but it made no difference

    Also why does not ps3 control not sync to the pi3? The gamestop bluetooth is paired easy but my ps3 control is not

  • @pawpie when you set the overscan thing right there is 4 lines for setting the overscan for all 4 sides of the screen. You need to slowly increase/decrease the numbers until you get it perfect on your screen.

    For the ps3 controller you need to go into retropie setup and go into the drivers section and setup the ps3 controller in there.

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