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Problem with Hatari & lr-hatari

  • Have just built a new card with RetroPie 4.1 and latest updates but can't get hatari (Atari ST) to work.

    Select a program in ES and hatari returns

    Executing: /opt/retropie/emulators/hatari/bin/hatari --confirm-quit 0 --statusbar 0 --zoom 1 -w --compatible 1 --timer-d 0 --borders 1 "/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/atarist/Dungeon Master (1987)(FTL)(fr)[b].st"
    /opt/retropie/emulators/hatari/bin/hatari: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    in /dev/shm/runcommand.log

    Changing the default launcher to lr-hatari produces the following in /dev/shr/runcommand.log

    Executing: LD_LIBRARY_PATH='/opt/retropie/libretrocores/lr-hatari' /opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/bin/retroarch -L /opt/retropie/libretrocores/lr-hatari/ --config /opt/retropie/configs/atarist/retroarch.cfg "/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/atarist/Frontier - Elite II (1993)(Gametek - Konami).st" --appendconfig /dev/shm/retroarch.cfg
    [libretro-test]: Got size: 640 x 480.
    Hatari v1.8.0, compiled on:  Dec  2 2016, 17:53:35
    IPF : IPF_Init
    IPF : capsimage library version release=5 revision=1
    Configured max Hatari resolution = 640x480, optimal for ST = 832x588
    Inserted disk '/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/atarist/Frontier - Elite II (1993)(Gametek - Konami).st' to drive A:.
    NVRAM not found at '/home/pi/.hatari/hatari.nvram'
    /opt/retropie/supplementary/runcommand/ line 933:  9735
    Bus error LD_LIBRARY_PATH='/opt/retropie/libretrocores/lr-hatari' /opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/bin/retroarch -L /opt/retropie/libretrocores/lr-hatari/ --config /opt/retropie/configs/atarist/retroarch.cfg "/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/atarist/Frontier - Elite II (1993)(Gametek - Konami).st" --appendconfig /dev/shm/retroarch.cfg

    For lr-hatari, tos.img has been moved into the /opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/bin folder (it complained about it not being there before.

    Any pointers to get it to work would be appreciated.

    Have uninstalled and re-installed using both source and binary but the problem persists.


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    lr-hatari has problems - I don't recommend using that currently - I will fix up the issue with hatari (missing library).

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    @vfrvulcan Note when reporting problems please provide more details - eg I don't know which system you are running on - also please put logs in "code" blocks. See which you have to agree to read on registration and which is in bold at the top of the screen.

    I will format your post.

  • Thanks for the quick reply BuZz,

    Apologies for forgetting to mention Pi3, connected USB devices, filename, controller used seemed immaterial to the problem.

    Couldn't see/still can't see how to put "code " blocks when creating a comment - all I see is bold/italic/list item/strikethrough/link/picture/zen mode/upload image. Nothing about code blocks so apologies again if I've missed that somewhere - I was looking for something like that before I posted.

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    You sure you read ?

    it states

    Use markdown to format your posts - see - and put large logs on a pastebin type site like or similar.

    Also when writing a post there is a compose? link at the top right which links off to the site with the markdown details.

    If you are asking for help it's best to let us to decide what information is needed and what isn't. Emulator issues can easily be platform specific.

  • Yes, but a victim of speed-reading, I saw the bit about pastebin for large logs but not the formatting. Apologies once again

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    hatari should work now if you update from binary

  • Indeed it does, many thanks for the quick fix

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