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Are NeoGeo games conducive to arcade sticks?

  • Hey All,

    With retropie and the NeoGeo emulator, how conducive are games like MetalSlug to using an arcade stick?

    Obviously this game would be designed to be played with an arcade stick, but is there any reason that wouldn't translate in this situation?

    In other words, if I get an arcade stick like this (F300 Mayflash Arcade Fight Stick Joystick for PS4 PS3 XBOX ONE 360 PC, will it work well with Metal Slug on the retropie?


  • @KillerQ I use an Arcade stick to play arcade classic games and also Metal Slug.
    It works really well.

  • Which neogeo emulator ? If it is fbalpha, make sure to switch to "dpad" mode on your stick (neogeo arcade stick is actually a d-pad, very few arcade games actually use an analog stick). I need to add some fallback for analog stick to act as dpad and dpad to act as analog stick in fbalpha, didn't get time to work on this though.

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