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Updated - How to get a Dragon's Lair USB scoreboard to work on your RPI3 - Tutorial <solved>

  • @herb_fargus The scoreboard seller, did say he ditched using ES as he couldn't get the scoreboard to initialize and left it at the command line level.

    I tried modifying the lair.commands, If I execute with static directories -usbsb at the terminal level, it runs fine, but when i exit back to ES and run it from the gui, the game loads but the scoreboard does nothing. I'm not very linux saavy, but i can follow directions, can you give me more guidance on this pushd popd idea.

    I have no idea what xrick is or where the modules are you are speaking of :)

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    Also is the scoreboard seller the dev of Daphne or someone else?

  • He is neither, he just built the boards and compiled the daphne source to accomodate the scoreboard. He sold the board and the usb interfaces, not the software.

  • Hi,

    I know I am digging up an old topic here, for those who already have this Cambridge arcade converter, would you be able to send some photos of it to the forum (or PM me)? I would love to see it up close on both sides, it looks like a FTDI (possible a 28pin FT232R package) but he has blurred it out, and a couple of H174 on the web site from what I can make out.


  • I know I bringing up an old topic but we are having issues getting the scoreboard to work also. I’m
    Using Cambridge’s score board and usb dongle. I’ve followed the tutorial but the pi still won’t recognize the scoreboard. It says scoreboard enabled but all I get is random stuff on the display. Not sure what we are doing wrong. Wanted to reach out to Rablack97.

  • @windsoreight did you get it to work?

  • @rablack97
    Can someone help me with my usb serial adapter to scoreboard setup in raspberry pi? Not sure how to set up the drivers in the software.

  • @oppolo did you follow my tutorial?

  • This hardware and the code I wrote to support is is now >5 years old.
    The version of daphne used was current as of when the new drivers were written and pre-dated any daphne support in retropie.
    The USB adapter was sold as being USB compatible for raspberry pi using my pre-compiled binaries, not "RetroPie" compatible.

    I submitted a LARGE set of patches to the Daphne/RetroPie maintainer on github that included USB scoreboard support and a whole lot of general code cleanup, and that submission was rejected, so if you want to complain about this not working out of the box, talk to him -- I tried to contribute and your territorial maintainer who has contributed almost no code of his own didn't want anyone else's name on it.

    It's good to know that people like "james194zt" want to copy and profit from my work, and that someone posted the binaries on dropbox without permission.

    In any case the "tutorial" is wrong.
    "dlusb" is simply a utility to write to the scoreboard to test the libraries, permissions, etc.
    Adding "-usbsb" to the normal daphne.bin command line enables the usb scoreboard.

  • @CambridgeArcade just dropped in and read this, you sold alot of people a product with absolutely no ledgible instructions on how to use it. You're welcome that i've supported a handful of folks (your customers) that had your product and used it as a paper weight until i wrote this tutorial.

    I already know dlusb is just a utility that you wrote, you at least were kind enough to tell me that, but in my testing -usbsb on its own did absolutely nothing. Running dlusb prior to the actual command line does something, i dont know what, but it works for me perfectly.

    If you referring to me posting to binaries, it was to CONTRIBUTE as you say and help the community of folks you left hanging after selling your product to use then disappearing. It seems to be something your known for as i got an earful from a few of your customers on how you ditched them. Not to mention it's been said that you have profited off of others "Daphne" "Scoreboard" work for years. There's a few people pissed off at you about that.

    You took something and you modified it to fill a need, and you sold it, stopped supporting but, but are upset cause someone else wants to do something with it? I mean to be truthful, i had to modify some of your code and the board design to get it work 100% of the time.

    None of us created Lair, and none of us own a copyright to any of this. You've taken and profited of off things that weren't really yours, so not sure how you can complain about anyone else making money off of your work, seems to be pot calling kettle black.

    Anyhow, if it's that big of a deal to you, i will take the link down, even though i had to recompile and use a different .bin than what you gave me. The only thing that's trully 100% yours in that link is the dlusb tool, but per your post, that's not needed anyway.

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