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Button names/images layout

  • When I'm in an emulator game launcher, I see at the bottom left the button legend: Options, Menu, Back, Launch, ...

    My problem is that I'm so used to PS pads that I have no idea what button is "A" or "B, so the legends ends up not being useful at all.

    Is there any place in configuration files where the button images "A" and "B" can be changed to "X" and "O" depending on the pad is connected?

    Also the "X" and "O" functions in the menu seem to be swapped if you're a PS user (I mean, 75% times I want to accept in the , I end pressing "X" instead of "O"). Is there a way to swap those accept/back functions ONLY in the frontend? (I can't change the pad configuration because then the games feel wrong instead of the fronted)

    thanks for this project! I'm really enjoying the raspberry pi I got more than I thought! :_)

    You can also swap the ok and back buttons of emulationststion in the retropie setup menu

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