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Idea: Super Street Fighter 2 The Tournament Battle

  • Full disclosure: I am a first-time posting RetroPie noob that has recently gotten into it and I'm blown away! I'm super impressed by all the stuff that has been done.

    As for my idea, it involves ssf2: the tournament battle edition. For those unfamiliar, ssf2 was an unpopular version of street fighter 2 but it had an AMAZING feature - you could link 4 arcade cabinets together and it would run a mini-tournament for all 8 players. It would show your current standing after each game and instruct players to move between the different cabinets as the tournament progressed. You got at least 3 matches and even a special practice mode while waiting for other matches to finish. The winner of the mini-tournament then got free entry into the next mini-tournament! It was definitely the coolest thing ever when I was an arcade-rat, and I spent a lot of time (and allowance money) trying to be the best to get that free entry!

    My dream scenario is having 4 Pi's and running this. I know it probably won't happen as it's not exactly a pressing issue for most retro-gamers, but is it even possible in theory? What would it take?

    It appears the retro SF community has already taken some steps to make this happen for the home arcade enthusiast:

    Again, I realize this is probably a pi in the sky dream (sorry for the pun) but I still can't help but ask! If you've ever been lucky enough to play on this particular (and as it turns out, very rare) setup I'm sure you'll agree that it was indeed very unique and special. I remember having it at my local arcade back in the day and it made for some amazing times.

    So, is this even in the realm of possibilty, or is it another obscure feature lost to the ages?

  • Obscure feature lost to the ages. That bit of code isn't supported even in regular emulator distributions in any way, shape, or form. It's incomplete on top of that. To top things off, the novelty of having the tournament bracket move for the stations is heavily outweighed by development to make netplay work more seamlessly since that feature works across many games and is much more flexible. Yeah you may not have a moving bracket, but you and a buddy can play SSF2 Turbo through the net similar to how FightCade does it. The latter just has more allure for developers and has a way bigger payoff.

    I hate to burst your bubble, but I thought I should just be realistic.

  • @Panikk I kinda figured as much, but one can dream! :)

    Thanks for the reply!


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