Ubuntu on SSD and roms on another partition?

  • Hi!

    I was thinking about doing a dual boot on my PC for Windows 10 and Ubuntu with Retropie. But before I start doing that, I'll have a question regarding the rom location.

    So the SSD would be around 30-40GB for Ubuntu itself and on a different partition (not USB) would be the Roms.
    The partition with the roms is currently running NTFS.

    Is it somehow possible to change the rom directory in Retropie to load these from a different partition that is running NTFS?
    Do I have to reformat the partition with the roms to FAT?
    Can I simply switch the rom directory within Retropie?
    Or is it not possible at all and Retropie and the roms need to be on the same drive?

    It would be nice if you could clarify what is possible and what not.
    Can I find a tutorial to that topic somewhere?

    Thanks :)

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