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Help with my portable

  • Hi all, i am going to put together a portable with a pi zero.

    I would like to be able to have a web browser (prob need a desktop for that), play game boy games and run kodi.
    I would like to be able to get 3-5 hours min on a battery, to be able to recharge the battery. And have a usb socket that i can access on the side of the case and maybe a hdmi output so i can go full screen. I was also thinking about putting a hardware button in to turn it all off with a shutdown script but that can come later.
    The size im looking for is altoids tin size
    What i need help with is parts.
    Pi zero
    A screen
    A battery
    A charging board

    Any help would be appriciated

  • @McScruffUK I got this and this for my build.

  • @McScruffUK the only thing you may struggle with is the browser. Portable screen sizes have lower resolutions, so you wouldn't be able to read much. I think the HDMI will have to have the same resolution as your little screen

  • @Jiehfeng thanks, i will have a look.
    @moosepr the browser wouldnt be needed for the small screen. Only if i hooked it up to a tv with the hdmi. Eg, if your in a hotel and need to use a web browser to sign in to their wifi

  • @McScruffUK when I made my handheld I had to set the pi to the same resolution as my screen, which is 320x240. I had to change config files to set this resolution, and if I connect it to a screen via HDMI I get the same resolution on the TV. Someone else may know different.

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