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error while loading shared libraries:

  • @bg223 Did I say that? Where I get my ROMs from is no concern of yours. Anyone with a device and a connection to the internet can find ROMs. Have you ever tried a search engine? I don't mean to be rude pal, but it's actually easier to obtain game ROMs than a virus these days. If you can't be bothered to do it then that is up to you. Just don't expect people here to sort the mess you paid for out.

  • @jonnykesh nah you see there it is. You probably all do the same but you want to judge. I've already paid the companies that originally made the games and subsequently went bust from people just taking them. Have you ever paid OCEAN or Superior Software or ELITE or hundreds of other companies that made these games u have?

    Yeah i could learn about it more. But i honestly don't have the time or if i'm also being honest probably the intelligence. If i did i would of made my own box. So i guess well done for being clever.

    If this offends u as 'tude' then fine. Buts it's just words. You can either help genuine people when they are a bit stuck or you can be a dick.

  • @bg223 I've helped plenty of genuine people on this forum. Most regulars do. Go buy a SNES Mini and do everyone a favour. It's clear no one here wants to help you. I'm out. Happy New Year to you and Yours.

  • @jonnykesh @mediamogul

    ^^This guy had the exact same problem. I have linux 4.4.13v7 according to the retropie spec upon booting up.

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    You've made your opinion known and everyone's been very patient. You must know that we're not going to change one of our fundamental policies just to suit you. Now you're derailing the thread and insulting other users. I'm sorry you're having issues, but we've given you constructive options to move forward. Flash an official image, or wait for help from the people who sold you your setup. Anything further from you on this and it's time for go bed.

  • @mediamogul there is some command type that you probably know that could help me. The machine could of been put together exactly like how everyone else has and he just added the roms and games that i've seen on every video online.

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    @bg223 said in error while loading shared libraries::

    The machine could of been put together exactly like how everyone else has and he just added the roms and games

    If you're talking about the guy that sold you the illicit setup, I'm sure he had nothing but quality on his mind when he profited off the hard work of others.

    You were warned politely several times to drop the issue and you still insist on ignoring the rules. Your ban will be up in 24 hours. I hope that if you return, you'll respect our policies, as well as the other users. Otherwise it will be extended.

  • Hi Guys!

    new kid on the block! i was originally going to create this account to try and figure out why some of us are taking this way too seriously, but i figure i'll try and keep this productive since i think i may be in the same situation as the OP, right down to the xmas present for myself!

    basic setup:

    raspberry pi 3 b
    5" lcd
    prebundled jessie (GASP i know... i know)
    32gb sandisk microsd
    plugged directly into a surge protector with usb expansion
    logitech k400r wireless kb/mousie thing

    basic rundown:

    so i got the pi a couple weeks ago, set it up with hdmi, worked like a charming little bugger.
    screen came in thursday. somehow managed to get water in the lcd while applying a screen protector, so there's some minor water damage that's currently drying out. it'll be alright, i was just worried about scratching the lcd since i've got longish nails.
    side note it's pretty spunky! i can run that thing on a little cellphone recharger battery doohickey for like 4 hours. no more than that though. it died when i was almost done installing lazarus! that sucked.
    anyway. had to re-image about four times in two days because i'm anal retentive and yes, my bf hates that about me. since i'm using a prebundled os, i've gotta do things a certain way to maintain full functionality as a general purpose little sbc i could take with me anywhere for multiple uses. basically a jacked tablet i could customize for general purpose computing. i'm talking budget spreadsheets, maths, browsing recipes, reference manuals, cat memes, games, ordering lingere, you name it

    hang on, takin' it to the bridge:

    so i was sitting here tipsy off of a little vino last night, and thought "hey, i wonder if there's an emulator for this cute little thing i could sit there and play snes roms with at lunch and make all the cool kids jealous"
    and lo and behold, retropie showed up with enough googling!
    i'm thinking to myself, this is way too much for what i want.... but hey, if it makes aggregating emulation resources easier WHY THE HECK NOT?!!
    right? am i right?
    so i followed the instructions here:
    and long story short, i seem to have wasted the last 2 hours of my life screwing with this thing trying to get it to work unsuccessfully.
    followed it verbatim.
    there were some error messages i think....
    some crap about libraries not being installed successfully. or something. i didn't think it was too important so i just said "screw it, let's reboot and see what happens"
    and i get the same error message the OP is getting!
    is there some sort of logfile or directory i can purge to figure out which library couldn't be installed?

    is that all.... think so
    i'm trying to think of any more info that might be pertinent.

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    @goon123 said in error while loading shared libraries::

    and i get the same error message the OP is getting!

    A few posts down from the top, the OP was able to resolve their problem by updating the RetroPie-Setup script and then updating the Emulation Station binary. To access the RetroPie-Setup, from the command line, type:

    sudo /home/pi/RetroPie-Setup/


    i was originally going to create this account to try and figure out why some of us are taking this way too seriously

    I'm sure it can seem a bit extreme to new eyes, but if we don't take certain fundamental rules seriously, it threatens the livelihood of this project. Supporting 3rd party images is unpredictable, very taxing and many times downright impossible. Supporting 3rd party images with pirated ROMs included additionally sends the message that we support illegal activity, which we in fact do not tolerate here in any way.

    prebundled jessie (GASP i know... i know)

    There's no problem there that I'm aware of.

  • Know the thread is old but ran into this issue when i was asked to fix a Raspberry pi with an older version of retropie that was getting the vlc error the OP was getting, fixed it with the following command.

    sudo apt-get install libvlc5

    also got the following error also with after the above was fixed so used the following to fix this one also.

    sudo apt-get install libraspberrypi0

    after these two, retropie and emulationstation functioned as it should.

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