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FDS Rom under NES system.

  • I've read over the topic here, and I added the extension for FDS to the NES section. Still the one .fds I have doesn't show. Any ideas what I could try next?

  • @kmssd you need to go into /opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg and find the section for nes. Then you need to add these two to the file types.

    .fds .FDS 

    Then you need to make sure you have the bios for the famicom disk system in the /home/pi/RetroPie/BIOS folder. It is called "disksys.rom" Out of curiousity what rom are you adding? There is a .nes rom for super mario bros 2 (j), all night nippon super mario bros and several others. There is even a .nes version of the arcade vs super mario bros. that lets you customize things like coins/free play. Plus there are .nes roms of the playchoice 10 mike tysons punchout (which has a high score but needs to be played on lr-nestopia emulator. Will lock up after first fight on lr-fceumm because of the high score) and the goonies (first one was japanese only on nes but u.s. on playchoice 10. It is a great game. Just look for playchoice 10 .nes roms and you will find them.

  • I guess it could be I have the wrong bios file, but yes I trying to SMB 2 version from Japan. I do have the loopy version that was converted but I was interested in comparing the two.

  • @kmssd what do you mean by loopy? The version i have i thought was the exact same.

  • Loopy is the guy's name that did the conversion of the rom I have.

  • administrators

    To show .fds files under the nes system, you do not need to edit emulation station's configuration. Update the RetroPie-Setup script and create a file in /opt/retropie/configs/all/platforms.cfg with the contents

    nes_exts=".fds .nes .zip"

    note this will override the extensions for nes systems defined in ~/RetroPie-Setup/platforms.cfg

    then update any of the nes emulators from binary (or update all packages).

  • @BuZz I have it working now, thanks for help.

  • @BuZz thanks for this info.

  • @kmssd ok. I got it. I should have remembered that.

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