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Default Arcade Joystick & Buttons for Consoles + Exit

  • Hi. I spent a few minutes searching the forum for a similar answer/post.

    My RetroPi is working with 2 sets of usb arcade joysticks+buttons, Xbox gamepad & keyboard.

    The defaults seem to be use the Xbox controller for gamepad games i.e where a native gamepad was used on the original console like a master system and arcade joystick for native arcade situations like MAME.

    For neatness I wanted to use the joystick for everything. Going into the master system retroarch configuration and changing the default gamepads (1&2) to use left and right (there were 8 gamepad settings) do nothing. Doing this for the Global makes no difference either.

    Any suggestions?

    Also (why I have your attention) I went into the retroarch.cfg and in the Hot Key section added hotkey enable for btn 9 (on mine) and exit btn 8 to make the start select exit game on the joystick and this doesn't work either. (the xbox controller DOES work when pressing start/select). Both Joystick and Controller where configured from the GUI after install. I wasn't sure if I fix problem 1 above problem 2 will fix itself.

    I'm up to date on version .10 FYI



  • Quit ES by pressing F4, ran sudo ~/RetroPie-Setup/

    went to Manage Packages -> Core Packages -> emulationstation -> Configuration and chose the option Clear/Reset Emulation Station input configuration.

    Restarted ES and config your Joystick.

  • Work. Thank You. I disconnected the Xbox controller at the USB before reconfiguring so that I wouldn't even detect it.

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