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Mac emulator disk.img or macstartup.img dont seem to exist. Is there another name i should be looking for?

  • soi installed the basilisk emulator on my raspberry pi 3 with retropie 4.1.11 and i managed to find a performa rom that i renamed to mac.rom. so now it boots to the mac boot screen. however i cannot find a filethat is named disk.img or macstartup.img. is there some other name to the file that i need to be searching for?

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    @edmaul69 you need a hd disk image or create one on a PC with basilisk ii. It won't be called those names specifically.

  • @BuZz so i found the tutorial to make the image but in basiliskiigui after adding the 2 volumes, making changes in memory and jit compiler the tutorial skips whatever step is next and goes straight to you should see mac os screen. I assume you are supposed to hit start but when i do nothing happens. Same if i hit the basiliskii.exe. I am on windows 10 32bit so not sure if that is an issue?

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    @edmaul69 I have no idea. I don't use windows and have never run basilisk2 on windows. pre-made mac classic disk images are available on the web though.

  • @BuZz ok. I will look around. The only rom i got working was the performa rom as that is what the retropie wiki said i needed. I tried others with no luck. I will try to find a mac classic image and go from there. Thank you.

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