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[Video-Rice] Variable Not Showing, Even After Booting the Emulator.

  • So I'm trying to install the hi res texture packs. I followed the guide on git hub 100x, finally got .local to show via ssh, and manually just created a folder called hires_texture, and inputted my maps into it. As far as the two variables goes, I see the video glide variable, and I chagned it tor true, but no video rice variable to enable loading of high res texture packs. Afterwards it just resets my config back to false...? I tried updating all the packages from the sources, looked up youtube videos, ran a script for n64 that would automatically do this etc. No luck.

  • I just changed my root access and was able to edit the cfg file. However, still no Video Rice variable showing up for me to edit.

  • Bump

  • Same problem here;-(
    Hope someone has a solution soon, tried all the steps but no video rice entry in the config file.

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