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Backing up retropie and keeping Roms and attack mode

  • I have a 128gb ad card and I have spend a lot of time getting it perfect with attack mode and loaded with over 14000 Roms. My question is when I back up my ad card with win32 and I use the read option to back up my card on my desktop does this include all my Roms and attack mode settings. So I can out a new ad card in and use win32 to write the same image. Or can I just open my current sd card and copy and paste all content onto a new ad card as a back up. Thanks for your time.

  • you cant just copy and paste your files to a new SD card, you actually have to use win32 to burn the image on the SD card, every thing that is on the SD card when you read it and save it will all be there when you burn it to a new card. I have all ready tried it with smaller SD cards but with that many roms and the size of the card might take a while but it does work

  • @Aliendon but if I back up with win32. It's going to save the Roms?

  • @msilveira85
    It will backup every thing that is on the SD card, settings, roms, controller configs and every thing, as long as they are on the SD card when you go to read the SD card to back it up absolutely every thing that is on that card will be backed up.

  • @Aliendon thank you

  • @msilveira85 your welcome, we are all here to help each other and make this project even better than it all ready is

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