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Custom script for driver change

  • Hi everyone,

    I wrote myself a script for changing the gamepad driver. So far i tested the isolated code pieces and they are working. Now I tried to put it all together but it does nothing. I loaded it into cron for reboot. I would apreciate if you could help me out.

    here is my code

    basicly I want to unload all possible loaded current drivers on a GPIO signal and then load the right one on the specific GPIO signal.

    Thanks for the help

  • so no one any idea? :(

  • I could narrow the problem down a little bit. When the db9_GPIO_RPI driver is not loaded and i try to unload it, I get:

    "modprobe: FATAL: Module db9_gpio_rpi is not in kernel"

    that makes sense but I tried to avoid that with try/except. Seems it does not work. Any idea why?

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