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EmulationStation not showing newly added emulators (Roms in folders correctly)

  • Hi,

    I am having a strange issue I am hoping one of you can help with.

    I recently added Atari 5200, Daphne and Virtual Boy (lr-beetle-vb) emus from retropie setup. Roms were synched over wifi (.a52/.bin for atari5200, .vb for virtual boy and a compiled .daphne for daphne)

    My problem is These emulators are not showing up in ES. I've rebooted, power cycled after shutdown to no avail. Es_system.cfg shows the emulators listed, but here is the strange part...

    If I SSH into my pi, the es_system.cfg is in the regular place in the /etc/ directory. However when I go to home/pi/ directory, I have seen many reference a .emulationstation folder. I don't have this folder at all. I am thinking this is why the emus I added today are not showing.

    One last thing, I also added neogeo games yesterday and those worked fine and emu is I am really scratching my head on this one...

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you

  • The .emulationstation folder is there but its hidden.

    On unix distros a . before a folder or filename denotes a hidden folder.

    "cd .emulationstation" should get you there from the home folder.

    In regards to the missing emulators something to check is do your roms match the extensions the emulator supports and are the extensions listed in Es_systems.cfg.

    I've fallen fowl of this before as my NES romset was saved as .7z instead of .zip and I needed to either unpack or convert them before they would show in EmulationStation.

    Hope this helps.

  • Certainly helped a lot thank you. I ended up figuring out a fix for this.

    In WinSCP, the /.emulationstation folder is in fact hidden. When I search for the folder, it pointed me to /opt/retropie/emulationstation

    I copied my es_systems.cfg file from /etc/ directory to the opt/retropie/emulationstation/configurations/all/ folder and after reboot, everything was visible.

    I would venture to guess that depending on the source used when adding additional emulators (binary or source) in retropie, there may be issues if the emulator isnt current. I will still to installing from source from now on, instead of binary.

    Thanks for your help Langy!

  • administrators

    @ltpaulieb you will only have a es_systems.cfg in /opt/retropie/emulationstation/configurations/all/ if you have copied it there yourself. It overrides the RetroPie managed one. If you want RetroPie to manage the systems, you should remove it (or manually keep it up to date).

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