Kodi doesnt work once I add roms via usb

  • Not sure exactly what the issue is but when I do a fresh install of retropi and install kodi it works fine but once I plug in my usb drive with my roms on it the games work fine but kodi no longer works............

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    @jwbmonk Going to need more information - such as a Kodi / runcommand log

    Please do not post a support request without first reading and following the advice in https://retropie.org.uk/forum/topic/3/read-this-first

    You probably have a non working Kodi launch script from ES, but I cannot advise without the information detailed in the post above. the runcommand log will help too.

    Also how are you mounting the usb etc.

  • Unfortunatly I am unable to provide the log at this time but kodi works fine until I plug in the usb
    I plugged in the usb and let retropie create the file system and then i copy all the roms into their respective folders
    I have wiped the sd card and reinstalled the os several times and I get the same results each time
    Also once this happens retropie will no longer let me uninstall kodi either
    hopefully this helps otherwise i will have to upload the log later

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