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  • Hi all! I seem to be having several problems that occur in some form or another and non of the searches I've made seem to specifically answer them. So here goes:

    I'm using:
    Pi 3B
    64gb Kingston class 10 micro SD with retropie 4.1 image download, unzipped (used winzip and 7zip) and installed onto the card with Win32DiskImager
    5v 2.5a PSU
    USB SNES gamepad
    USB mini keyboard

    I have unzipped the image, installed it to the SD card, started the Pi, configured the controller, resized the usable disk space, connected to WIFI and imported the ROMs for NES, SNES, MEGADRIVE, MASTERSYSTEM and N64. I've tried importing these via USB and also over WIFI/LAN.

    I've installed KODI and [removed] repositary and restarted EMULATION STATION after each step so that KODI shows in 'PORTS' and the systems show up on the main EM-STATION dashboard.

    I've set the Pi to boot to EM-STATION from the setup menus and also installed some ports (DOOM, QUAKE etc.) as well as installing some emulators from the package menu (Amiga, Atari and Playstation)

    The problems I am having are these:

    1. When selecting the games from the system menus, I get the 'Press button to config' message and then a black screen. This happens to some games some of the time and not other times. Sometimes the screen stays blank, sometimes theres a 'could not unzip compressed file' message and then I'm back to the list of games.

    2. KODI will sometimes not install at all, I get a 'fail install from binary setup'. I have been installing KODI first after the initial boot and this seems to help.

    3. I seem to have the system the way I want it, with ROMS installed and systems showing and KODI working, so I shutdown the system from the shutdown menu. The screen gives a 'shutdown successful' message and goes blank. When I restart the system, I get the Raspberry boot screen, the Retropie spalsh screen then HOURS, literally HOURS of scrolling command text all saying 'systemd-fsck[104]'. I cannot get the system to boot up as it should straight to EM-STATION.

    Is there a definitive document that addresses these kind of problems? Point me at it and I'll do my best! Alternatively If you need anything specific I will provide. You give me a Windows machine and I'm perfectly at home, but this little beast is confusing the hell out of me!

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