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Retropie menu not showing after changing to USB Rom Loading via USB Rom Service

  • Hello together,

    I exactly did all the steps in this guide:

    I then put 5 Gameboy games on my stick in the "gb" folder.
    After booting retropie and I see the Gameboy menu with my 5 games but the Retropie menu dissappeared. Now I can not add/update modules or connect to an other Wifi.

    How do I get the retropie menu back in the emulation station?


  • administrators

    @Garretton Which method in that guide ? If you updated retropie-setup and used the Automatic Mount (Easiest Method) the retropie menu should have been copied over.

    you can drop to terminal and re-install the retropie menu once the usb is mounted to recreate it via sudo ~/RetroPie-Setup/

  • Sorry my mistake. Yes I mean the automatic way.

    Thanks for the sudo command I will test it later and report if it fixed it or not.

  • I booted to emulation station with no retropie menu. Then i pressed Start and quit emulation station. There I typed in exactly what you have written but it says "sudo: /home/pi/Retropie-Setup/ command not found". Even navigating to the folder with cd and then using sudo and without sudo everytime the unknown command error.

    Any suggestion?

  • Ok i got it now.

    After deleting all folders in the retropie-mount folder on the stick and plugging it in on the rasperry and rebooting the system it seems that it starts copying again. Now everything seems to be copied correctly. The retropie menu is now here as well.

    Sorry for the big panic from me. Everything is fine now.

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