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  • I just thought I would show off my build of the super game pi. Wasn't too hard to do and I'm a newbie. I made a few changes to the case but that's about it. There are a few little issues I'm still working on but overall I really like it.

    0_1487607797374_Pi 1_resize.jpg

    0_1487607817955_Pi 2 resize.jpg

    0_1487607833477_Pi 3 resize.jpg

  • @bassman6805 noice!! we need some photos of the insidey bits!!

  • @bassman6805 Nice work! Yes, please, inside photos! also, if you have a bill of materials that might be cool.

    <EDIT> I see now. . . this is a build similar to the Adafruit project here.

    Rather than rewriting their project notes which folks can click and read from my link, perhaps you can describe the changes you made to that design. Internal pics would still be cool though!

  • Re: Super Game Pi

    I don't have any pics of the inside yet but it's the same as the guide you posted. I ended up making the case about 5mm taller and thickened the walls to 3mm from 1.5mm. The original case was to hard to close with everything in it. I did also add some holes on the front of the case and hex nut cut outs on the back to fasten together better. Also, the HDMI cable they used in the tutorial is not very good. I made it work but had issues getting it to fit. I have ordered a different on monoprice and waiting for it to arrive. All in all it works pretty well. I do have some power issues after charging so I need to figure out what it going on there. Seems like it takes a couple tries to get it going but after that it runs with no problems. I can post some pics of the inside in a couple days. If you guys have any other questions let me know. It was a fun build for me and I learned to properly solder while doing it. I am also going to upload my new case modifications to thingiverse when I get it just right.

  • 0_1487768661210_Pi Guts 1-1.jpg

    0_1487768673405_Pi Guts 2-1.jpg

  • @bassman6805 It looks like the button boards are set aside, but even so, that is about the cleanest looking DIY portable I have seen. I guess the battery is off camera too, right? Seeing this really makes me wish I had a 3D printer. It also looks like there woudl be enough room in there for a Pi3.

  • @caver01
    I've heard rumors that the Pi foundation is working on a new Pi Zero that's the same speed as the Pi 3 coming out later this year.

  • @backstander Where do you see that about a new Zero? I saw stuff about a Model A, and the compute module is already out, but I didn't see anything about a new Zero.

  • @obsidianspider
    Woops, I thought it was on that article but it must have been a different one. If I find it I'll post it hear as well but I think it was more of a rumor than a confirmed.

  • @backstander That would be very cool for a project like this. Pi day is almost here, so I am expecting something. Maybe a Pi4? One of the benefits of this particular design is the large screen which makes the case big enough to accommodate everything else easily. With a Pi zero in there you might be able to cram in a good battery without the extension on the back.

    I want a portable that has a screen like this, but that retains an HDMI port so I can shove it into my TV setup and use bluetooth controllers, or take it with me as a hand-held.

  • Yeah, the battery isn't shown. I'm going to switch it to the newer case I made and will take some pics. The battery goes into a compartment on the back off the unit. I ended up ordering a different HDMI cable than the one they reccommend on the tutorial. It was hard to fit in the case so hopefully the new one will be better. I also ordered a different powerboost than the one they used. I have issues getting it to always boot up completely. Sometimes it shuts down and you have to plug in a charger to get it to boot. Once it loads you can unplug it and it runs fine so I am hoping it's just a startup power issue. Once I get the new parts and put them in the case I will upload some pics and the models of my case changes.

  • @bassman6805 said in Super Game Pi:


    Here are some pictures of the guts. I finally finished the thing and it seems to be working now. I did change the powerboost to the 1000c. I also posted my files on thingiverse if anyone is interested.


  • @bassman6805

    Did changing the power boost fix the startup problem? I'm building a super game pi and I'm experiencing the same issue wont power up on first switch on have to keep turning off and on.

  • Sorry for the late reply. Yes, once I switched to the higher powerboost everything started working perfectly. I really enjoyed making it and wish I had more time to play it!

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