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Trying to get the Raspbian desktop working.

  • Hello there, I'm fairly new to this but I cannot seem to get the Raspbian desktop to work on Retropie. I followed the instructions HERE and the desktop appears in Ports afterwards but clicking it just loads a blank screen for a few seconds before returning to the Ports screen. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    @Xerox_Boxington you need to update your setup script and Raspbian packages before installing pixel

  • @Xerox_Boxington I just installed the desktop under Ports...

    First two half-assed attempts failed for me. It was like when i updated the pixel packages and/or installed the package, it would halt, and then give me some msg about connection being lost. So i upped the game and tried some different stuff, and i have no idea as to which of the steps actually solved the problem, but i can tell you what i did, at least :)

    • I did a clean reboot, this time not pairing my PS3 bluetooth controllers, so only my wireless keyb/mouse.

    • Used keyboard to 'exit emulationstation', so my Pi was in the terminal state.

    • Then i went to my PC, connected to the Pi through Putty and did the rest of the steps from there.

    • First i updated the retropie-setup script successfully, then i updated the Pixel package successfully. You will not have doubt when it works; it will continuously write Linux'ish stuff to the screen about packages being downloaded, updated, unpacked, installed and what not. This will take a while. Keep a look at this, to make sure it goes smooth and there are no error msgs.

    • After that, i could install the Pixel package (still doing this from the PC through Putty with my Pi in the terminal screen).

    • When it was all done, i tried to type in 'startx' which it tell you to do in the tutorial that you linked, but i just got errormessages that it was no good... anyways, i did a 'sudo reboot', went to the orts menu, selected 'desktop' and my Linux desktop booted right up. VERY sexy :)

    So, all this might be awfully clumsy considering that i still have very little knowledge about Linux and the RetroPie stuff, but i am sure that you can reproduce the steps and end up with a desktop too :)

    On a sidenote, the Pi and RetroPie keeps on amazing me! If it was't for your initial post, i had never imagined that this could be done, so thank you :) Now i have a cool Linux PC + a badass emulation hub all in one sexy little package!

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