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Need help getting tab button and trackball to work, please!

  • I have done my research and looked everywhere for a way to fix my problem.

    Problem 1 is that my Tab key no longer works in my advmame 0.94. The game will play but i can not press the tab key to reset controller figures.

    Problem 2 is that i bought an x-arcade trackball with a USB, and i am not able to get it working with my retropie.

    I have put hours into researching these 2 problems and have not found a solution. ANY help would be much appreciated.
    Thank you in advance

  • Well the track ball issue is solved. Apparently you can not have a wireless keyboard and a trackball plugged into the USB at the same time. So I unblugged the wireless keyboard and iT started working perfectly...

    Still needing help in how to reconfigure make 0.94 buttons please and thank you

  • Pretty sure I needed up fixing all my issues.

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