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Cannot enter Retroarch menu with F1

  • Pi Model or other hardware: Pi 3 Model B
    Power Supply Used: 2.5A power supply
    RetroPie Version Used (eg 3.6, 3.8.1, 4.1 - do not write latest): 4.1
    Built From: Binary
    USB Devices connected: 500GB USB HDD, Logitech Unifying Receiver
    Controller used: Rii Mini Keyboard clone, Logitech K400
    Error messages received: none

    Problem is very simple. With two different keyboards, on every libretro emulator, I cannot access the Retroarch configuration menu by pressing F1. I am able to access runcommand at game start by pressing any key, with either keyboard.

  • administrators

    @rrdein that's because you need to press what you configured as select+x

  • Hmm, that does work, but now I'm super-confused. On my two previous installs it was always F1 to access Retroarch config. With this install from the exact same .img file that was also the case until recently.

  • So, the way I always handled things until the last 24 hours or less, was to use F1 for the Retroarch menu and Esc to exist, and to use 'm' to cycle through screen filters. Now, after pressing select+x on my controller, when in the Retroarch menu, I am able to use F1 and Esc, but 'm' still does not work.

    It seems like every time I post that the buttons I've always used are not working, I am told I am using the wrong buttons. I don't know why one day the button would be F1, and less than 24 hours later it would be select+x. This is not a complaint, just explaining the situation to give more information. There are several buttons I am used to using on my keyboard while in a libretro emulator, and none of them work. I guess there is some kind of automatic update I don't know about, which changed the button for me from F1 to select+x? If that is the case, I'm guessing there is some other button combination to apply screen filters?

  • Also, I read this documentation:

    but I don't see mention of the 40 different preset filters I used to cycle through by pressing "m". I am wondering how the shaders and smoothing described on the wiki relate to the filters I used to access by pressing "m".

  • I found the filters through the Retroarch menu. Is there a way to cycle through them while playing? Thank you for your time, sorry for all the questions.


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