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Scrape to SD, but ROMs on USB?

  • Hi guys

    Apologies if this has been asked before, I've searched the forum and couldn't find it.

    I'm new to the wonderful world of Retropie – my shiny new Raspberry Pi 3 is arriving tomorrow and I wanted to prepare beforehand because presumably it would lead to fewer problems down the line :)

    My Pi will be coming with a 16GB Micro SD card, but I have more than 16GB of ROMs so I'm planning on running my ROMs from a USB stick instead.

    The thing is, with all that SD card space going unused I was wondering: when I get to the point where I scrape my ROMs, is it possible to save the images and info onto the SD card instead, even though the ROMs are on the USB stick? Or do the images have to be stored on the same storage as the ROMs?

    I appreciate images are small but with a lot of ROMs it all adds up, so I'd rather save space on my stick for more ROMs and use the Micro SD card for images instead if possible.

    Bearing in mind I'm a complete newcomer to this, could someone please confirm if this is possible and how I'd go about it? Apologies for potentially asking a stupid question, and thanks in advance :)

  • @scully1888 they save in the config folder and not your rom folder so i am pretty sure they wont save on the thumbdrive.

  • @scully1888 If you use sselph's scraper you can save them to the roms directory, but if you scrape from within EmulationStation, those will not save to the roms folder. You could manually tweak your gamelist.xml files though with a find/replace for the folder location.

  • @scully1888 if you plan on using a USB memory stick for roms, all the configs and artwork will still save to the sd card. Been playing with the USB memory lately and it works very well. The advantage is if you corrupt something and have to reimage a new copy of retropie (had to to that more than I can count learning how to mess with the configs), you won't have to reload all your roms over and over.
    It also makes moving my roms and saves to another pi quite easy. Just unplug, plug the USB stick into the other pi and reboot.

  • Ah, I see, so it saves to the SD card by default, even if the ROMs are on a USB stick?

    Thanks folks, that's greatly appreciated.

  • You are welcome.

  • Thx

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