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Possible ES bug

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    I haven't time to test at the moment, but just posting to see if anyone can verify.

    With emulationstation you can specify a resolution


    emulationstation --windowed --resolution 640 480

    But it just shows up in the bottom left corner, I can't remember if this is how it really is or if it used to be centred and upscaled. Not sure if it was introduced recently with development. I know as a workaround I can force a res with config.txt but I was curious about the launch flag. I know it's not super relevant since retropie doesn't use that flag but I'm nonetheless curious

  • @herb_fargus is this while running in a windowed environment? When I run this on windows for instance, a non-fullscreen window is created (fixed size though, no rescaling).

  • administrators

    Not a bug. Due to RPI sdl2 backend. We have sdl2 environment vars to change scaling etc.

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