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<feature supported="carousel"> Not Working

  • I can't get <feature supported="carousel"> to work.

    I have 2 different Windows builds of ES: @Zigurana's Carousel Mod and @fieldofcows Video Preview Mod. I have them both open side by side on one screen, and the XMLs open side by side on the other screen, so I can make the same changes to both theme and reload both ES versions at the same time.

    If I add <carousel name="systemcarousel"> and <text name="systemInfo"> to the Carousel Mod, it works as it's supposed to (shows the modified carousel).
    If I add <carousel name="systemcarousel"> and <text name="systemInfo"> to the Video Mod, it breaks the theme, as it's supposed to.

    When I wrap <carousel name="systemcarousel"> and <text name="systemInfo"> in <feature supported="carousel">, both versions of ES act as though I didn't have them in there at all.

    Do I have the wrong text in the [supported="?"] section? I've tried "carousel", "systemCarousel" and "systemcarousel"

    Here is an example of the code:

    <feature supported="systemCarousel">
      <view name="system">
        <carousel name="systemcarousel">
          <pos>0.010 0.020</pos>
          <size>0.300 0.890</size>
          <logoSize>0.125 0.160</logoSize>
        <text name="systemInfo">
          <pos>0.010 0.930</pos>
          <size>0.980 0.050</size>

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    @mattrixk have you tried the latest retropie fork binary? (It's in the pending binary release)

    Their builds may not have this flag compiled:

  • @mattrixk

    First, the example you provided is using the wrong value for supported. It should be:
    <feature supported="carousel">

    Also, are you using the windows build that @Zigurana provided while he was developing the carousel mod? If so that one doesn't have support for the <feature> element. You should update to the latest windows build that I posted. This build has the carousel theme changes as well as support for the feature element.

  • @jdrassa:

    The code bit I posted only says <feature supported="systemCarousel"> because it was the last one I tried, and didn't change it back to <feature supported="carousel">.

    I am using the older version, but I also tried the updated version that you posted a few days ago. I downloaded it on the 23rd March. Do you have a more recent one than that? Ah, I just checked the link you posted and saw that you have a more recent one with the Carousel Mod. I'll give that a go. Cheers.

    You can disregard my question on the other thread. The forum didn't notify me that I had responses to this one.

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    @mattrixk the binary release for the toolkit draft includes the latest binary release jdrassa posted.

    This is why I'm anxious to release so everyone on Windows is using the same binary ;)

  • @herb_fargus said in <feature supported="carousel"> Not Working:

    the binary release for the toolkit draft includes the latest binary release jdrassa posted.

    That isn't up on the toolkit yet is it? I confused myself will too many versions of ES, trying to make sure everything worked with as many versions as possible. I've fixed up BaseVid to use maxSize instead of size for the videos, and fixed the sizing so it looks okay when using logos instead of mix images. I still need to change the gamelists in the repo though.

    Edit I have updated the gamelists to use the Logo image instead of the Mix image on Video View. Detailed View still uses the full Mix image.

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