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My All Time Favorite Game is... and Why?

  • I am not sure if anyone posted anything related to this topic or not yet, but read what i say carefully before commented, i want to know what is your all time favorite game you ever played? and what is the reason you like this game so much? I am gonna start.. oh by the way, you can only pick one game.

    Battletoads on the NES
    This would be my favorite game of all times, why? because this is one game until this day, i have not completed yet and i been at it since a kid, and i am 37 lol, heck it took me years to get through that freaking Turbo Tunnel, now a day i can make it to the snake pit, i own the Rare Replay on Xbox One, i own the NES copy of Battletoads and soon as i get all the games i want and setup on my RetroPie, i can't wait to give it a try on it either, your turn?

  • That's a really difficult question. When it comes to retrogaming, it's a close tie between Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap (Master System, soon to have a remake, yay!) and Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES).
    If I really have to choose, though, probably the latter.
    Why? It just has it all: charming graphics, catchy chiptunes, tight gameplay and oh my God, secrets!
    It was the first game to blow my mind, constantly occupying the back of my head. In a era before Internet and no gaming mags in my country, all we had was our own discoveries, the discoveries of friends and urban legends. Trading those was delicious, the game was a constant topic in our conversations at school for some 2 years.
    Fond memories :)

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    @fabio78 was just about to say WonderBoy 3: The Dragon's Trap on SMS. Brilliant game, great gameplay and fantastic music. The remake looks amazing.

  • @AlexMurphy glad to see more love for the game. Besides the remake, there's a spiritual sequel (made by the same director) coming out this year, don't know if you're aware. See if you recognise the music in the trailer's last 10 seconds. What a great year :)

  • @starmaker69 when i was a teenager i beat battletoads many times. I actually had it memorized so i could beat it without ever once getting hit. Now days these games are hard. As far as favorite, i actually have 4 of them. Super mario bros. 1 & 3, and mike tyson's punch-out and final fantasy vii. I think the nes is the best system of all time. I think the playstation 1 was a great system too. Both were groundbreaking with a lot of great games.

  • Ocarina of Time! Link at his best!

  • @edmaul69 said in My All Time Favorite Game is... and Why?:

    Super mario bros. 1 & 3

    I've beaten 1 numerous times. Can't beat 3.

  • I'm going to have to go with The Curse of Monkey Island, the 3rd game in the series (with The Secret of Monkey Island running a very close second).

    I grew up with the first two Monkey Island games. They were smart, funny, charming and challenging. There was no internet back in those days, so if you got stuck you either had to plug away at it or hope one of your friends had made it passed that point. I loved them.

    And then Curse came out and I was blown away. It's cel-shaded animation was beautiful, and it's music fit perfectly. For the first time I could hear what each of these characters sounded like. I could fight vicious sea battles and sword fight pirates on the decks of their ships while insulting them rhyme. It was glorious.

    And it was hilarious. What other game lets you give cheese to a lactose intolerant volcano god? Or ruin a sea shanty by throwing in the word "orange".

    "Look behind you! A three-headed monkey!"

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    @mattrixk I say this to my wee lad all the time , he's 9. when he says "I'm stuck, google it" I sound like an old fart and say "When I was your age we didn't have google, we figured it out for ourselves!" I love being 40!

  • @AlexMurphy Reminds me of a Robin Williams quote,

    "We weren't online, we did lines my friend."

  • @starmaker69 I have several favourite games, most of them from NES. I'm with you: Battletoads. My heart hurts for not saying Mega Man 3 or River City Ransom, but I have to agree with you.

    By the way, I always got stuck at Snake Pit, and then I discovered that warp zone. Now I get stuck at Rat Race (level 10).

  • @starmaker69

    i choose diablo for psx. it was the best couch coop rpg and my brother and i played it for hours. There was friendly fire from spells... so my brother (the sorcerer) would have to tell me when he would use firewall. It plays like a dream on the pi and I am so thankful for the retropie team for creating retropie, a masterpiece of an os.

  • i like some of the selection you guys have chose, and i like how someone agreed with me on Battletoads !! awesome, i am trying to complete Battletoads without warps or cheats @meleu it would be a life time accomplishment for me, heck as i said above i own the retail copy of the NES version, in fact its the only version i ever owned, as i bought the game as a kid and still have it haha !! Stupid game hard as freak, but i love you so much lmao

  • @starmaker69 do you play it with retroachievements? I think it adds some fun to the playing. :-)
    There's an achievement for beat the game with no warps.

  • I am quite fond of Chase HQ or Midnight Resistance on the ZX Spectrum (which was the platform I played them on originally). These are games I still go to every now and then, though these days I do it on MAME :)

    Still, they were loads of fun for my younger self, and even a few months ago I beat Midnight Resistance on MAME on a single credit.

  • Super Metroid, by far my favourite game ever. Good graphics, great music, a bit of suspense, action and a bit of thinking required.

  • @starmaker69, I am embaressed to say it but I think TMNT on the nes is my "favorit game". It's definately the one I play the most. I like the music, the nostalgia, the colors, the goofyness and the difficulty. This game is just the right level of difficulty for me--it's hard enough to keap me engaged but easy enough the I almost always beat it in about 25min...If it was up to me I would pick a cooler game as my favorite like battletoads or Zelda 2 but I don't think we get to pick our favorites.

    ps: Love battletoads dude. I think it's one of the best games on the nes. I was just playing it last weekend. I got to the last level and gave up. I started playing on the rpi but gave up and went back to the original console. The emulation was so bad I couldn't stand it, I actually got dizzy from the graphic glitches during the clinger winger.

  • @meleu i beat battletoads on the nes many times as a kid without getting hit once since i had memorized the game as it has no randomization to it. I had no clue there was even a way to warp in it. Learn something new every day. Great game though. Now that i am old i could use some warps. ;)

  • @rig have you verified its a glitch in more than 1 of the nes emulators?

  • @edmaul69 no I haven't. The screen looks like its skipping frames, it happens through the whole game, the sound is also really bad. I am using whatever the default emulator is. I have a rgb modded nes so I don't have the motivation for opitmizing the nes on the pie. I was playing it on the pie as a kind of lag test...about the warps--I have beat the game without them but I always use them now. Or at least the warp to skip through that level where you ride the rocket through hell. That level makes me feel not so good

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