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  • Hi,

    I just bought a Pi3 and Pidrive a couple days ago. I set up the Pi3 as normal (8gb card included with it) and I want to use the Pidrive for roms and movies that I may want to take to a friend's house once in a while (he doesn't keep up with home releases like I do due to his job/schooling/family life), but sometimes the videos I want to bring over are well past the 4gb limit that fat32 has, which is my problem.

    Is it possible to have retropie read a ntfs-formatted disk connected through usb? This would be optimal for me because I wouldn't have any issues just connecting the Pidrive to my usb hub and dumping whatever videos I want onto it, which would then be played later by Kodi.

    I have a Rpi2 with a 64gb flash drive on it so all this isn't completely new to me, but this ntfs thing is something I'd like to get around if I can.

    I formatted the Pidrive to ntfs, copied all the folders from the flash drive to it so the rom lists would be identical, then followed the instructions at from the "Transfer the existing RetroPie file structure" section on down. Instead of /dev/sda1 I got /dev/sda5 and instead of a 8-digit UUID (xxxx-xxxx) I got a 16-digit mess (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx). I don't know if this is related to the ntfs thing or not.

    Did I miss something or is what I want to do just not able to be done right now?

  • Just a quick entry.

    Going back to fat32 gave me a 8-digit UUID, but reformatting to ntfs changed that back to the 16-character entry. I'm using minitool partition wizard 10 to format the drive, FWIW.

    Oh, and somehow the /sda5 changed to /sda1.

  • Figured I'd try splitting the drive into two partitions. The first one, a fat32 partition that's a bit bigger than the flash drive I have on my Pi2. Slight error, it's 128gb and not 64. The second partition I set as ntfs.

    Success! "ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/" shows /sda1 with a 8-digit UUID and /sda2 is the 16-character mess. Followed the rest of the instructions to the letter and everything worked out. I put a 20+gb movie onto the ntfs partition and kodi saw it under /usb0 with a /retropie partition above it. Plays the movie beautifully with no hitching regardless of bitrate. Scanning all my movie and tv folders on my windows home server right now.

    Win in my book.

  • Why didn't you install RetroPie on the PiDrive? All you need to do is install BerryBoot on the SD card, add the retropie image to the USB drive and install it via BerryBoot.

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